who are we

The world witnessed a massive knowledge and information revolution, which made keeping up with this revolution a major challenge. Hence, the importance of training has emerged as one of the most important main pillars aimed at raising the level of individuals and organizations in a way that contributes to achieving excellence and quality in performance in light of the changes


Halal International Training Center seeks to provide training and development services in accordance with the best local and international practices to provide its trainees with scientific and practical skills that keep pace with the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



.To be distinguished in providing training services to meet customer needs


the message

Working to achieve the highest levels of excellence and high quality by developing human competencies in institutions, companies and government sectors



  • Consulting
    • .Preparing the facilities strategy
      .Administrative development and organization
      .Financial and accounting management
      .Human Resource Management
      .Administrative information system
      .Legal advice
  • Training
  • .Administrative and leadership programs
    .Legal software
    .Human resources programs
    .Quality programs
    .Secretarial and office management programs
    .Public relations and media programs
    .Financial and accounting programs
    .Social programs