Technical Support Policy


Technical support policy

The technical support policy aims to clarify the procedures and information related to providing technical support services to beneficiaries of the services of the Halal International Training Center to support and support them when technical problems occur that hinder the continuation of the training process.


The management of the Halal International Training Center is also committed to providing technical, technical and educational support to all beneficiaries of the training platform management system in all programs on an ongoing basis through the channels available and published on the center’s training platform, which are: -


Technical support channels:-


Technical support email:-


The forum is also a means of communication between participants and the center’s management, and it appears only in the courses that have been subscribed to.


Services covered by technical support:-

Technical and software problems that appear while opening the platform’s website on computers or phones.

Problems while opening or recovering the subscriber’s account on the platform.

Problems with electronic payment gateways.

Everything related to displaying course content incorrectly, technically or programmatically.


Expected time to respond to technical support requests:-


Within 24 hours from the start of communication.


Technical support team working hours:-


From Sunday to Thursday from seven in the morning until three in the evening.

The timings in Ramadan are from nine in the morning until two in the evening.


The procedure to be followed if the request exceeds the time specified for a response (the policy of escalating the request in the event of a non-response within the specified period):-


The administrative team can be contacted directly via email as shown on the Staff Policy page.


You can contact the administrative team directly via the WhatsApp number or email shown on the Contact Us page.



This policy applies to all beneficiaries of the services of the Halal International Training Center, and we are committed to ensuring the implementation of this policy, as all employees at the center are committed to it. Any violation of this policy exposes the violator to disciplinary action according to the procedures followed in the Halal International Training Center.